[List of active windows, processes]

The context menu:
  • "Add to hide" - add the selected window in the list to hide.
  • "Add all" - add all the windows in the list to hide.
  • "Show" - show the selected window.
  • "Hide" - hide the selected window.
  • "Hidden windows" - show hidden window in the list.
  • "Handles" - show window handles in the second column.
  • "Go to Process" - to find the process belongs to the selected window.
  • "AutoUpdate" - every 2 sec. updated list of active windows, processes.
Double click:
  • Adds a selected window or a process, to list for hiding.

[Visual separator]

[¤] - button to quickly add popular programs.
"At top" - list of active windows, processes in system.
"At bottom" - list of windows, processes, which will be hidden with hotkeys.
"EN" - button to switch the language.

[List of windows, processes, which will be hidden]

The context menu:
  • "Delete" - delete the selected window or a process from the list.
  • "Delete all" - delete all windows and processes from the list.
  • "Add text" - add name of the window.
  • "Add class" - add name of the class.
  • "Add exe" - add name of the process.
  • "Act. All Hotkeys" - activate all separately assigned hotkeys.
  • "Stop All Hotkeys" - deactivate all separately assigned hotkeys.
  • "Show All" - show all windows that have been hidden.
Checkbox [x]:
  • Mark to hide the window, if removed, then window will not be hidden.
Double click:
  • Delete the selected window or process from list.

[Panel to assign hotkeys for each window]

  • "Hide" - hotkey to hide the selected window in the list.
  • "Show" - hotkey to show the selected window in the list.
  • "OK" - activate hotkey.
  • "Stop" - deactivate hotkey.
  • "Single key" - hide/show window one hotkey.

[Type of list]

  • "Windows Text" - show names of the windows.
  • "Windows Classes" - show classes of the windows.
  • "Processes" - show processes.
[Update] - update the list of active windows, processes.

[On start HiddeX]

  • "Hide HiddeX" - do not show main window HiddeX.
  • "Hide all windows" - hide windows from the list.
  • "Keyboard Hotkey" - activate hotkeys to hide from the list and to hide the active window.
  • "Mouse Hotkey" - activate mouse hotkey.
  • "Multi-Hotkeys" - activate the hotkeys for each window.

[Hotkeys to hide from the list and to hide the active window]

    [Hide from list]
  • "Hide" - hotkey for hide all windows from list.
  • "Show" - hotkey for show all the hidden windows(does not show the windows, which were hidden by separately hotkeys and hotkeys to hide the active window).
  • "Show/Hide with single key" - hide/show the windows one hotkey.

  • [Active window]
  • "Hide" - hotkey for hide active window.
  • "Show" - hotkey for show hidden window.
  • "Show one by one/All at once":
    [Checked] - show the windows one by one.
    [Unchecked] - show the windows all at once.
[Apply] - activation hotkey.
[Stop] - deactivation hotkey.

[Mouse hotkey for hiding all windows from list]

  • "Hide with middle key mouse" - hide all windows from list by pressing the middle mouse button.
  • "Hide with scroll wheel" - hide all windows from list by scrolling wheel of the mouse down and to show by scrolling up.
  • "Hide when mouse in the corner" - hide all windows from list when the mouse cursor in the upper left corner and show when the mouse cursor to the lower right corner.


  • "Autorun" - run HiddeX with the system.
  • "Hide TrayIcon":
    [] always hide HiddeX tray icon (hotkey to open the main window HiddeX - Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F12).
    [v] hide HiddeX tray icon together with windows.
  • "Mute sound" - mute the sound in the system when you hide windows.
  • "Return focus" - return focus to the last active window(if not a single window was active, after the show all windows will be on the foreground).
  • "Multi-Hotkeys" - panel to assign hotkeys for each window.

[Exit buttons]

  • "Exit and Close" - exit and close all hidden windows.
  • "Exit" - exit and show all hidden windows.

[Tray menu]

  • "Stop/Start" - disable or enable the all hotkeys.
  • "Protect" - enable password protect.
  • "Set Password" - set password or change.